Adult Adoption: Why Adopt an Adult in California?

Why Adopt an Adult in California?

The relationship between parent and child is a powerful thing. Being a role model for your children as you watch them grow into adults can be hugely rewarding and meaningful to all parties involved. However, there are times when you meet someone as an adult and become a parental figure in his/her life, which can be just as meaningful and rewarding. Together you may decide to take on a more permanent role in one another’s lives by making your relationship legally formalized through an adoption. You might know that adult adoption is the best course of action, but some might ask, why would you want to adopt an adult? There are plenty of good reasons to adopt an adult in California, which we will explore below.

If you or a loved one are seeking information for an adult adoption, contact an experienced California Legal Document Assistant to discuss the unique details of your situation.

The Benefits of Adopting an Adult

In California, an adult adoption is a legal process by which an older adult adopts a younger adult. Once finalized, the parties involved establish a legal parent-child relationship and all the rights that come along with it. The following are three common reasons why an individual may want to adopt another adult:

Inheritance: An adult adoption allows for someone to leave property or financial assets to an adopted adult son or daughter more easily.
Formalize a Relationship: Adult adoption allows parental figures to legally formalize their relationships with their children. For example, someone who has foster children who have grown up into adulthood might want to formalize that parent-child bond. Or, perhaps a stepparent seeks to adopt a stepchild who his over the age of 18.
Long-Term Care: Adult adoption may provide perpetual care for an individual with a disability or who has diminished capacity. In this situation, adult adoption legally establishes the “parent” as a decision maker for the “child’s” medical and housing needs. This, in turn, provides for a lifetime of care for the adopted adult child.

An adult adoption may be the best option for a number of reasons, not limited to those listed above. If you have questions about an adult adoption, contact us for assistance with the process and paperwork.

Need Assistance with the Legal Paperwork to Adopt an Adult?

The process consists of complex legal documentation and other legal formalities that one must adhere to before finalizing the adoption. Do not let the intimidating adult adoption process stop you from reaping the benefits of an adult adoption! Hiring an experienced legal document assistant ensures the effective handling of your adult adoption.


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